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Gift – Plussize Model KK 15-7-2013

Gift / Offering
Plussize Model KK 15-7-2013 /


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An offering or sacrifice ·
Alms, voluntary gifts to others, especially poor people, as an act of virtue.
Symbolic offerings giving rise to contemplative gratitude and inspiration.
Offering the best of ourselves to something higher than us.
The act of offering is an act of generosity,
an emotional and physical expression of our reverence
a first-fruits offering is the belief that, since all good things
come from the divine, then a portion of those good things
should be offered back to the divinity.

Mooi zijn haar vormen,
mooi is de onzekere blik,
mooi is haar houding
met de gekruiste benen,
stoer is ze
door haar schaamte voorbij te zijn
en ze zich durven tonen


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