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Mighty Legs, 3-3-2017 KB

Mighty Legs
3-3-2017 KB


When you are on streets men’s attention is drawn,
drawn unto your legs,
those hot looking things makes us wish to see the unseen,
filled with desires crazy thoughts dominates our minds,
and we all end up saying there comes that lady,
you have legs of an angel,
soft as wool
looking yummy from every angle,
sexy and looking good,
by them we are hypnotized and made fools,
from your waist down those mighty hips, magic hips,
your knees and feet put a love spell on me,
they bounce me up and down,
those deer nylon covered legs are the horses i will ride into eternity,
you have got the legs and you know just how to show them,
i wish to climb those legs.

(Josef Kaswezi)